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Our physicians and staff strive to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care to the satisfaction of our patients

"Dr Huberty repaired my RT shoulder after a very bad tear/separation….He is a younger surgeon but that actually was a plus, since he had training in more modern methods of repair which cut down scarring and was less invasive. My surgery was 100% successful and now, 1 year later, I am back to my old self and active once again just as before the surgery."

"Very Friendly, Very Informative"


"Great Medical Care"


"While I am not happy with the knee problem, I am content coming to see Dr. Sedgewick and all the great care over the years."


"You will not find a better Orthopedic Physician & Surgeon than Dr Ballard. His work is top notch, he is easy to talk to, he LISTENS to his patients & takes the time necessary to understand the problem"

"Very pleased with the extra care & attention"


"Exceptional care & service. Absolutely would recommend"

"Dr Feinblatt saved me from foot and ankle surgery. I am so grateful"


"Your staff are friendly and attentive. Dr. Black is a super doctor."

"Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else."

More quotes from ROC Orthopedic (formerly Oregon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine) patients:

    • Dear Dr. Huberty,

      I have now experienced your surgeries to both of my shoulders. As I have said, you have given back to me every movement of my arms. Stunning.

      I shared with you a photo of some recent painting work that I was able to complete on our Grand Banks trawler Worthy. This work is just one example of how I have again found success in my life activities. I have abundant reasons to thank you,

      Mark Thornburg, Ph.D. School Psychologist, Special Education Director, retired

    • "My name is Doug M. and Dr. Hanzlik operated on my left knee in July of 2019. The surgery was successful and my left knee feels/works great! I chose Dr. Hanzlik because I know he is a skilled surgeon; he also successfully treated my daughter. I was originally scheduled to have surgery in early August, 2019. Dr. Hanzlik was going out of town in late July, 2019. I’m retiring in August of 2020 and a year look-back to August, 2019 would have negatively affected my pension; I have to be at work from August, 2019 to August, 2020 to obtain my full pension benefits.  I explained the situation to Dr. Hanzlik’s staff and they re-scheduled my surgery to mid-July.  I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Hanzlik and his staff. Dr. Hanzlik successfully corrected my left knee, gave me the opportunity to continue working in my chosen career field and ensured I would receive my full pension benefits. I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Hanzlik and the staff at ROC Orthopedic. Thank You." -- October 2019
    • "Dr. Feinblatt and staff were excellent. He took the time to explain everything that was going on with my wrist. I would not hesitate to return should I need further care. I would recommend ROC to everyone who needs orthopedic care." -- April 2019
    • "Dr. Black and staff were knowledgeable, friendly and professional" -- April 2019
    • "The front desk personnel are very helpful and pleasant. The assistants placing us into to exam rooms are friendly and encouraging." -- April 2019
    • "The doctors and staff are excellent, kind, and caring. My particular injury was significant and complicated. Other clinics refused to do the procedure. However, Dr. Hanzlik and the team at ROC *stepped up* and did the procedure AND brought me through healing with care and support. I highly recommend ROC and the exceptional support staff." -- March 2019
    • "Dr. Huberty, just like Dr. Feinblatt, are 'top shelf' specialists. They are up to date, yet conservative with their approach to their specialties/sub-specialties, which is rare and refreshing, especially these days. Their people skill, 'bedside manners' is also wonderful. All the staff is also very friendly, professional and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr. Huberty and Dr. Feinblatt for all your orthopedic and sports medicine needs. " --
    • "Fantastic! Very little pain, the Dr. (Hanzlik) Has been very professional and helpful, and has explained any questions I had regarding this surgery. Definitely recommend!" --
    • "I would highly recommend Dr. Feinblatt, as we were recommended to him from a family member. From the first day we visited 11/2017 to our last visit 1/2019 Dr Feinblatt, staff and all ROC orthopedics were wonderful. Very friendly, timely, accommodating, takes the time to listen and find a good care plan. If we ever need future care in this field, I know where we are coming. Thank you Dr. Feinblatt and staff for taking good care of my daughter!" -- January, 2019
    • "Spent over 3 years walking in pain. Today after both knee replacement surgery, I can walk pain free. Great job D.Adams and Staff. ." --
    • "I love Dr Ballard and the staff. Very friendly and I have hope for the first time in a couple of years that my knee is going to really be ok. He performed a Knee revision within a year of my replacement by another Dr. I continued to struggle and I was referred to Dr Ballard. He was honest and took the time I needed to understand what had happened." --
    • "I am extremely pleased with the results of my knee replacement. I did my best to follow each and every suggestion for Pre Surgery as well as Post Surgery. I appreciated the Surgery Center Nurse communications and the interactive web portal. There were times I had a question and they were always answered quickly. The ability to upload documents and photos was very helpful. Everything about the day of surgery and the surgery center was top notch.
      Within days my knee function was surpassing my ability prior to surgery and I have had a great experience with Physical Therapy." --
    • "From my first visit to schedule my knee replacement to today, post -op visit..extremely satisfied. The pre-op class at Meridian Hospital was very informative, the nurses were great. Very knowledgeable about what was to happen and that continued on to the orthopedic part of hospital. My 2 day stay in the hospital was good, then home. My PT makes me work hard to achieve my goals. Dr. Adams is wonderful, very caring, understanding and compassionate. He remembers my family, asks about my husband, to me that’s a great Doc!" -- Lari
    • "Dr. Ballard is extremely kind, caring, and an excellent physician. He has given me the ability to walk again! The staff is friendly and helpful with all my questions." --
    • I had right shoulder rotator cuff/bicep repair surgery 4 years ago and left rotator cuff surgery 3 years ago. I could not have been happier with the outcome one year post surgery. However, recently I went kayaking and it struck me how good I feel now - 100% I am so appreciative of the work that Dr. Huberty did
      -- Kerry, August 2018
    • Dr. Huberty - "Best shoulder surgeon ever. He was able to get me back to work and playing drums again." -- Val, May 28, 2018
    • "Dear Dr. Feinblatt, Thank you for helping me get back on my feet again. I am grateful for the work you do in helping people walk again. I appreciate your care in making sure I healed up well. Have a great year and thanks to Brittany as well!" -- Devin, January 22, 2018

  • "I am so incredibly happy with the restoration of full function of my shoulder and arm!
  • I had been misdiagnosed several years previously with 'tennis elbow' by another so called 'specialist' at another clinic.. fast forward to 2016 when, after dealing with a lot of pain along the way, it finally progressed to a full rotator tear as well as a partial tear of the biceps. Very debilitating and limited my exercise tremendously.
  • Dr Huberty was recommended by my physical therapist. I am so grateful for Dr Huberty's specialized focus on the shoulder. I had great care throughout my surgery and rehab. In addition to repairing the Rotator cuff and cleaning up the bone spur that contributed to it, he also repaired the partial tear of the Biceps which would surely have given me grief later."
  • Today ( Oct 2017 ) I am at 100 percent ROM and functionality, I can swim again and workout regularly in the gym using the pullup machine, cable machine and free weights.
  • Only a tiny scar remains and only because I know where to look!
  • I just wanted Dr Huberty to know he is the BEST in my book and can highly recommend his individualized attention to detail and excellence in care.
  • A happy customer , Drake, Age 64 and enjoying semi retirement without pain!"   -- Drake in Portland, October, 2017 
  • "Dr. Feinblatt is a superb surgeon and doctor. He and his assistant Brittany have guided me through my achilles surgery recovery in a very professional and friendly manner. The office staff is great as well and the wait time is always short" -- Braden in Portland, September 2, 2017
  • Yippee Kai Yay! That's what a person raised in Idaho cowboy country yells when very happy. And that's what I felt like shouting yesterday when your Physicians Assistant, Brittany, examined my ankle, badly fractured in a fall on vacation. She told me it was healing well and that I could start putting some weight on it.
  • ...I nervously pointed out an area on the x-ray that to my untrained eye seemed to be a bone that had been eaten away a bit. Brittany explained it was new bone growing! I had no idea such a miracle could happen.
  • Dr. Feinblatt, when you have a bad day and wonder why you picked the career you did, please remember the relief and happiness you bring to your patients. What a difference you make in people's lives. ... -- Loretta, July 2017
  • "Dr. Huberty turned a very bad situation into a miraculous one for me.

    I had torn and separated the labrum tendon in my right shoulder, and also had developed a large cyst in the shoulder joint due to the severe injury. The pain from this injury  was almost unbearable, and it was caused by the labral tear and by the pressure the related cyst was putting against a nerve in my shoulder.

    After visiting Dr. Huberty, he recommended surgery to repair the labrum and remove the cyst. I agreed and immediately after surgery I knew that I had made the right decision. The injury to my shoulder impaired my golf game, my time as a volleyball coach, player, as well my ability to continue playing basketball.

    Since surgery and rehab I have come full circle and participate in any activity that I  chose too. It is amazing to have my shoulder back and have such a strong repair that I can trust.

    Dr. Huberty and his team did an amazing job, and I am back to the activities that I so enjoy!" -- Joel, June 2017

  • "I think  Dr Feinblatt is the best!

    Dr Feinblatt was wonderful in diagnosing my ruptured tendon which had been misdiagnosed at another dr's office. I was in surgery 2 weeks after seeing Dr. Feinblatt. And on the road to recovery. Best thing is... I CAN WALK AGAIN! I thank you! I highly recommend Dr. Feinblatt and ROC!!" -- Betty in Gladstone, February 4, 2017

  • "The last thing anyone wants to hear is that they have reached the end of the line for the solution to their pain. Surgery would be my one and final choice, with my window of opportunity closing within a year. Knowing the long road ahead I would face to recover, and weighing it against near constant debilitating pain if I chose to do nothing, I agreed to put my trust in Dr Huberty and allow him to perform a full shoulder replacement on my 73 year old self. Six months later, I have regained nearly 100% of my shoulder mobility and have said goodbye to the chronic shoulder pain I had suffered with for years. I was further encouraged when, less than 6 months later, I was given the ok to train and run my 25th marathon. Dr Huberty not only gave me a new shoulder, he infused a fresh outlook on life , free from chronic pain. I am beyond grateful."

  • It's a miracle! Dr Ballard is an amazing surgeon who gave me the ability to walk again, and so much more!  After years of "gouging" pain in my left hip, and severe lack of mobility and pain in my right hip, I am hiking again and loving every minute of it.  To be in the woods was my focus and I was wondering if that would ever happen again, until I met
    Dr. Ballard.  When he walked in, he had an incredible presence ~ full of energy and life ~ very confident and very real.  We knew he was the surgeon for me.  With Dr. Ballard we got the best of both worlds ~ a talented surgeon and a kind and compassionate man.

    A little over a year ago, there were many times when I could not even walk from my front door to my garage.  I remember reading Dr. Ballard's testimonials and started crying, overwhelmed with hope, and said aloud to my husband "I want to experience that".  Now I do!   Thank you so much Dr. Ballard!!  You "ROC"!
    --Debra G., October 2016

  • Having been a patient here on several occasions, I believe that there can be NO BETTER hands to be in! I have received nothing but the best possible care on every occasion!!
    -- Wayne O., September 2016

  • Dr. Sedewick is professional and fun doctor and he does an outstanding job in arthroscopic knee surgery. I was off my crutches in 1 day! I would highly recommend anyone to go and see him. You get back into regular life so fast.
    March 2016
  • “Dr Feinblatt & Staff – you and your PRP injections cured me 100%. Thank you!! For almost 2 years, I walked like a duck and hurt with every step. Standard therapies did not work. 7 months after PRP, the right Achilles tendon was pain free, so we did the left Achilles. In two months, the left tendon was painless and 100% good.
    Thank you very much. Keep up the great doctoring for us! Your care is essential for our wellbeing!”
  • "I feel at my ripe old age of 68 that Dr. Feinblatt was the Best In both bedside manners, proper treatments and as my surgeon, Thank you Dr. And your staff I would give him an A+"
    C.C. - Jan. 2015
  • Excellent - Thanks for getting me in for an early appointment
  • "Dr. Feinblatt is an excellent surgeon who fixed my Achilles' tendon and gave me my life back. I can't thank him and his staff enough! Thank you all!"
    A.R. Jan. 2015 Insertional Achilles Tendinosis
  • You guys are great!
  • "Dr Feinblatt saved me from foot and ankle surgery. I am so grateful"
  • "Dr Feinblatt is very professional and personable. Surgery went great. Staff was great as well."
  • I was impressed and very pleased with the care given to me throughout the process. I am very thankful for Dr. Black and all the staff at Oregon orthopedic and South Portland Surgical Center.
  • “Dr. Feinblatt,
    At my last appointment in March we talked about sending you an update after my marathon. I decided to wait until I had completed my entire "journey" this year.

    As you may recall I first saw you in the beginning of February with a complete fracture of the third metatarsal in my left foot. Up to that point my training had been going very well and I was looking forward to my first Boston Marathon. Obviously I was devastated to hear the news of this injury just 11 weeks until the race.

    With your treatment and recovery plan I am happy to say that I was able to participate in the celebration of this year's event. While it wasn't my fastest marathon, I was able to enjoy the city of Boston's recovery from last year's bombings. Your direction and advice was key to my return to running.

    Personally I wasn't done yet. And again you were the starting point to my healing that allowed me to ramp up my training and successfully run my first 100 mile race this past weekend.

    I've included a couple of pictures, one from the finish line at Boston and the other as I approach the finish line at the Mountain Lakes 100, 22 hours and 32 minutes after starting.

    Thanks again for aiding in the healing process and getting me back on my feet. Literally.

    Gregg W.”

  • “As an avid tennis player, I had to entrust my foot surgery to the best. Dr Feinblatt is a true pro. I am back doing the sports I love!”
  • My name is Steven, in January of 2014 I had a foot surgery at your facility, Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center. Thank you for providing a superior environment of professionalism. The cleanliness, attention to detail, level of communication with the support staff and anesthesiology provided a confident, assuring environment.

    I commend the surgeon, Dr. Jeffery S. Feinblatt M.D., P.C. for being a capable, caring, thorough, professional that I believe represented the highest principles and in the medical profession. He assessed and treated my unique disability and has followed it through the entire process. Dr. Feinblatt even continued the relationship to my Physical Therapist and was instrumental in the education and direction of my rehabilitation, i.e., my positive outcome.

    Led by a blessed talent in Dr. Feinblatt, together with Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center, Oregon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine, my Physical Therapist Ben Baarspul of Black Diamond PT my quality of life has improved and I am thankful for the professional, personal and (complete) services provided.

  • STAR total ankle replacement patient on 12.12.12.   Not being able to walk without pain from bone on bone and a badly out of alignment ankle, I was anxious to  have the surgery.  I'm so glad I did.  No pain from the ankle, although some remedial surgery for swelling will be necessary.  Dr. Feinblatt has always been very accommodating, patient and explains things clearly.  I have every confidence in his ability to have me back to near normal again.  Gives good hugs too!
  • “For years, I suffered undue pain and sleepless nights unless I took an over the counter pain reliever. In October 2011, Dr Huberty performed a very successful surgery that at times makes me feel like a new, younger man – though I am fast approaching my 70th  birthday. I would certainly recommend that anyone who has suffered years of pain and wondered if there is a solution..there is…..thanks to your outstanding work. “
  • I met Dr. Sedgewick when I had to have emergency surgery.  I really like him, he is super nice and made funnies about my situation, which was nice! It's hard to make light out of a bad situation.  I highly recommend him.  I live in Vancouver and I travel 40 mins to keep going to him instead of being transferred to Washington, because I like his personality and how he treats me.  Thank you so very much.
  • The Best!!! Especially Dr. Ballard he is superb!! He has done a hip replacement and a total knee replacement... did an awesome job...couldn't ask for a better Dr. for Orthopedic needs.. very caring..so glad that he is in Oregon City area...
  • I had a total reverse shoulder replacement on 12/12/12 done by Dr. Sedgewick. The results have been amazing. The pain is gone and I have more movement and ROM then I have had in years. Dr. Sedgewick is a wonderful surgeon........
  • “As a professional soccer player, my foot is my prized possession. Last year( 2012) when I found out that I had a broken bone in my foot, I was pretty upset and didn’t really know what was next and how the injury would affect the rest of my season and career.
    However, with the help of my athletic trainers and team doctors, I was able to be introduced to Dr. Feinblatt. I trust my trainers/ team doctors, because I know they work with the best in the region depending on the injury. I was sent to Dr Feinblatt for further examination of my injury. The moment he ( Feinblatt ) looked at the X-ray, he immediately schedule me for the next available opening slot for my  foot surgery.
    The surgery was perfectly done and I could barely tell I had a screw in my foot.  I didn’t take my pain medications because I was never in severe pain. A few days later I start walking without my crutches and a couple weeks later I was out of my walking boot too. But with his experience he put me back in the walking boot for extra week for the bone to heal properly, that extra week paid off big time for me. A few weeks later I started running and could hardly tell  that there was a screw in my foot.
    I know a lot of people that had the same injury and most of them told me that I would feel the screw in my foot depending on the weather and how much pressure I put on it, but I still never experience any of those after effects.
    The thing that impressed me more is how he was constantly contacting me to make sure I was ok and to ensure I wasn’t experiencing anything that I wasn’t suppose to experience after the foot surgery. That shows me that he cares more about his patients than the job”
  • I love you guys. I finally got my husband, Ken, to see you. He doesn't like change, but he's glad he finally changed orthopedic surgeons.
  • "1 year ago today received my first knee replacement. The experience and outcome was so much better than I had ever hoped for. Was home in two days, daughter stayed with me for a couple of nights then sent her home. Went to DisneyLand 3 months after surgery. New knee was great old knee not so much so went back 12/7/12 and got the second knee. Now am able to ride my bike, swim and walk with no pain. Can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ballard, his staff and Meridian Park Hospital. Highly recommend all of them!"
  • "Through my 2 shoulder surgeries, Dr. Huberty maintained a skilled, professional but caring attitude while treating me. His accumulated years of medical practice and patient care along with solid communication skills helped build my trust in our doctor and patient relationship. Such physicians are rare, and I consider Dr. Huberty a true asset to the orthopedic and sports medical field."
  • “For a period of 7 months, I was unable to go down stairs. Dr Feinblatt suggested a minor surgery to remove scar tissue from my ankle, but I was skeptical. I did have the surgery done and what a BIG difference it has made. I can go down stairs with ease and no more pain. Thank you so much!”
  • "I wish all doctors’ offices & staff were as nice as this one, thank you."
  • "Love the staff & doctor"
  • "Dr Ballard was very encouraging to me before & after my surgery. He pulls no punches and has been straight with me from the beginning. He is very knowledgeable regarding the quickest way to recovery. He would be my first reference to anyone."
  • "I am a return patient and will see for all my ortho needs"
  • "Great customer service...I have absolute confidence in my doctor"
  • "I appreciate the preparation information for surgery. I knew just what to expect"
  • "This was my first surgery & everything & everyone was awesome."
  • "Quick, courteous, friendly, & professional"
  • "All of the physicians I have dealt with here are wonderful & caring. I recommend this office all the time"
  • " Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Thank you for being here and being so helpful. You are the most caring."
  • "The staff here has always treated me with respect."
  • "Dr. Sedgewick was great."

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