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Billing and Payment Policies


It is the responsibility of each patient to verify their insurance coverage/medical benefits with their insurance company.
It is the responsibility of the patient to understand that insurance authorization for services does not guarantee payment.


It is very important that patients do this prior to receiving any services recommended/referred by our physician.
This includes, but is not limited to, orthotics, second opinions, radiology services (MRI, CT, etc.), surgeries/injections or physical therapy.



Click here for the complete Patient Financial Policy form. Please read, sign and return it to the receptionist.



Following your providers evaluation, certain medical supplies may be recommended as course of treatment.

Medical supplies may fall into the durable medical equipment category with your insurance company. It is the patient's responsibility to know their insurance benefits, as they may be limited or nonexistent.

As a health care facility, we are not able to take back medical supplies once dispensed.



Your provider may order an outside exam e.g. MRI, CT, etc. Please keep in mind each insurance plan has different prior authorization guidelines. However, if you have not heard from our authorization department within seven days call and speak with Tina, at 503-905-4143.


As soon as your exam has been schedule please call our scheduling department at 503-656-0836 and set up an appointment to go over the exam with your provider.


Fracture Care Billing Explanation


Billing Office Hours
Monday-Friday 9AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4PM 
Phone 503.905.4110

Primary Physician Referral
We accept referrals from all primary care physicians.

Managed Care Plans
We are a participating provider with most major 
health care and workers' compensation plans.

Health Plans and Medical Insurance information coming soon.