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When knee pain takes you out of the game, or the pain becomes chronic and interferes with daily life, it’s time to get help from the team at ROC Orthopedics. Their board-certified orthopedic specialists offer comprehensive care for knee pain, restoring your mobility and helping you get back to action, whether that means competitive sports or a nightly stroll with friends. Don’t wait to get help for knee pain. Call one of the offices in Tualatin or Oregon City, Oregon, or schedule an appointment online today.

Knee Pain Q & A

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain frequently occurs due to a sports injury. You may take a hit to the knee or damage the tissues in the joint when you make certain movements. Pivoting, sidestepping, and suddenly stopping or changing direction while running can cause ligament damage.

Overuse injuries also cause knee pain. This type of injury develops over time as you frequently repeat the same movement. 

ROC Orthopedics often treats painful knee conditions such as:

  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Meniscal injuries
  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries
  • Patellofemoral problems (runner’s knee)
  • Prepatellar bursitis
  • Unstable kneecap
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease

The Osgood-Schlatter disease commonly causes knee pain in adolescents, especially when their bones, muscles, and other soft tissues go through growth spurts.

What symptoms might I have along with knee pain?

The orthopedic problems that cause knee pain may result in additional symptoms, including:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Stiffness and restricted movement
  • Clicking or popping
  • Locked knee joint
  • Inability to straighten your knee
  • Inability to bear weight on your knee

When you suffer stretched or torn ligaments, you might also end up with joint instability.

How is knee pain treated?

Your provider at ROC Orthopedics completes a physical exam and may need to take X-rays or other diagnostic images to diagnose the cause of your pain accurately.

If you have a ruptured ligament or a complex fracture, you may need to have surgery right away. Otherwise, your treatment begins with conservative therapies, such as:

  • Rest
  • Ice and heat
  • Temporary immobilization
  • Bracing and splinting
  • Activity modification
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Hyaluronic acid injections
  • Steroid injections
  • PRP injections
  • Physical therapy

When advanced arthritis causes knee pain, you may need a knee replacement to restore the joint and eliminate the pain. Whenever possible, ROC Orthopedics performs knee surgery, including joint replacement, using minimally invasive surgery called arthroscopy.

How does arthroscopy help knee pain?

Your provider performs arthroscopic surgery using a specialized instrument equipped with lighting and a camera. 

The narrow tool fits through a tiny incision, then sends magnified images of the joint to a monitor. Your provider can thoroughly examine the inside of your knee to diagnose the problem.

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Your provider simply inserts narrow surgical instruments through another small incision and repairs the joint.

To get expert care for knee pain, call ROC Orthopedics or schedule an appointment online today.

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