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Your knees are the most common osteoarthritis sites, thanks to their repetitive movement while supporting your body weight. When advanced arthritis causes extensive damage, your only treatment option is a knee replacement. The experienced physicians at ROC Orthopedics perform total and partial knee replacements using the ROSA® Knee System. This advanced robotic-guided system ensures more accurate results and longer-lasting knee replacements. To learn more, call one of the offices in Tualatin or Oregon City, Oregon, or schedule an appointment online today.

Knee Replacement Q & A

When would I need knee replacement surgery?

Your provider at ROC Orthopedics may recommend replacing your knee joint when arthritis or an injury causes severe damage. Most patients choose to get a knee replacement when arthritis causes chronic pain and restricts their mobility.

What type of knee replacement might I receive?

The team at ROC Orthopedics performs two types of knee joint replacements:

Partial or unicompartmental knee replacement

Your knee’s inner structure naturally creates three compartments, with one in front of the knee, one inside the joint, and the third outside the joint. When arthritis only damages one chamber, your provider can do a partial joint replacement in that area.

Total knee replacement

If multiple compartments sustain damage, your provider replaces the entire knee joint, a total knee arthroplasty procedure.

What happens during knee replacement surgery?

No matter what type of replacement you receive, the basic procedure is the same. Your ROC Orthopedics provider removes the damaged tissues, resurfaces the remaining bone, and then implants a new prosthetic joint.

A knee prosthesis consists of metal pieces that form the joint’s surface and cover the ends of your leg bones. Then your provider puts plastic spacers between the metal pieces to allow smooth movement.

What is robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery?

The team at ROC Orthopedics specializes in robotic-assisted knee surgery using the advanced ROSA® Knee System. The ROSA platform allows your provider to create your surgical plan and precisely size your new joint using detailed imaging.

During surgery, the robotic arm helps your provider execute their surgical plan, guiding joint preparation and prosthesis positioning. Armed with a camera and real-time tracking, ROSA immediately shows any movement in your leg during surgery, allowing your provider to make any necessary adjustments.

With ROSA robotic guidance, your knee replacement is more accurate than your provider can achieve without the system. That means your new knee is better balanced and aligned, ensuring proper movement and function.

Is knee replacement an outpatient procedure?

ROC Orthopedics performs outpatient knee replacement surgery whenever possible. That means you have your surgery in the morning and can go home later in the afternoon, after an opportunity to recover and start moving.

To learn more about knee replacement options, call ROC Orthopedics or book an appointment online today.

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