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Orthopedic Patient Testimonials

Our physicians and staff strive to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care to the satisfaction of our patients


"Dr Huberty repaired my RT shoulder after a very bad tear/separation….He is a younger surgeon but that actually was a plus, since he had training in more modern methods of repair which cut down scarring and was less invasive. My surgery was 100% successful and now, 1 year later, I am back to my old self and active once again just as before the surgery."

"Very Friendly, Very Informative"


"Great Medical Care"

"While I am not happy with the knee problem, I am content coming to see Dr. Sedgewick and all the great care over the years."
"You will not find a better Orthopedic Physician & Surgeon than Dr Ballard. His work is top notch, he is easy to talk to, he LISTENS to his patients & takes the time necessary to understand the problem"

"Very pleased with the extra care & attention"


"Exceptional care & service. Absolutely would recommend"

"Dr Feinblatt saved me from foot and ankle surgery. I am so grateful"
"Your staff are friendly and attentive. Dr. Black is a super doctor."

"Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else."






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